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Azalea Trouble

The azalea I planted last year does not look well. Rusty looking spots on leaves and not very full. In a bed with other azaleas, all those doing well. I keep them all bedded with pine mulch.

Azalea_1_-_aa_county_300x300%2523 Azalea_2_-_aa_county_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland 5 months ago

Can I plant a redbud tree now?

One nursery says yes, another no. I’d like to get it established now in case we have a drought this summer. What do you think? Thanks!

Anne Arundel County Maryland 6 months ago

gypsy moth products

I have old gypsy moth products from 20? years ago whenever it was they were a problem in the Annapolis area; products by Tanglefoot- tanglefoot Trap Sticky Coating and Pest Barrier- are they still worth keeping?

Anne Arundel County Maryland 10 months ago


I have several brown spots developing in my lawn. I'm thinking it's a fungus like dollar spot or something of the sort. I'm hoping the photos can provide enough detail to help confirm the issue. Can you also help in proving curative and preventative measures to take. Many thanks

Img_3445_300x300%2523 Img_3447_300x300%2523 Img_3443_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland about 2 years ago

response to my email this am about Alocasia

THe information you sent is with regard to COLOCASIA WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM ALOCASIA. As I indicated in my email, I have been successful with overwintering colocasia but need in information on Alocasia. They are different plants. I have googled and found contradictory information on the procedure for Alocasia.

Anne Arundel County Maryland almost 3 years ago


When this Fall should I apply Scotts Halts Plus to my tall fescue lawn to prevent emergence of chickweed next Spring?

Anne Arundel County Maryland almost 3 years ago

Rose of Sharon with mixed colors and poor growth

Rats! My info and questions just disappeared! We have 3 Rose of Sharon shrubs in front of our Eastport house. All three used to bloom at about the same time and all 3 had white blooms. The 2 on the ends seemed to be identical with all white blossoms& the one in the middle has slightly smaller blossoms and they have a dark pink center. The shrub closer to our door was very slow to set blooms this year and has several dead branches. It was a bit slower last year but it has been a full month later than the other two this year. And, while it has white blooms towards the bottom of the plant, all the top blooms are magenta. What is wrong with it and what can I do to encourage white blooms and healthier growth? All 3 plants are sending up many many new shoots. Thank you in advance. I can't seem to attach a picture to this note so I will send it separately.

Anne Arundel County Maryland about 3 years ago

Giant Beetle identification

I have attached a photo of a beetle, about 2 inches wide and three inches long that I found on my carpet today. Can you help identify it?


Anne Arundel County Maryland about 3 years ago

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