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pack saddle

i have come across a pack saddle that is very unique and seems to be very high end.the saddle is very heavily padded on both has a wooden trough shaped.hard wood yoke that goes across the whole saddle that has smal rings attached. on top of the saddle on both sides it is put together with large quarter sized brass rivets.all the straps and cinches are there and the straps have chain supports in the middle.thi saddle is in pristine condition.with no issues at all.want to know who made it / and idea of value.have never seen one like it or in such condition


Allegany County MD over 6 years ago

Hardy Fig

My fig died back this winter, now it is growing back from the roots. Should I select one sprout to keep and remove the rest?


Allegany County MD small fruit fig over 3 years ago

what animal makes piles of mud in my yard?

what animal makes piles of mud in my yard?


Allegany County MD wildlife lawn pest lawn mud piles almost 6 years ago

Diseased Ornamental Cherry, What is it and What to do

Hello, I have an ornamental cherry tree in my yard that appears to be infected with some kind of fungus or other disease. Attached are several pictures as recommended that you need, below are links to those photos along with a few more that are on my public Dropbox folder. Thank you for your time and attention in helping me on this.


Img_4092_300x300%2523 Img_4098_300x300%2523 Img_4095_300x300%2523

Allegany County MD cedar apple rust crab apple tree cherry crab apple leaf spot about 3 years ago

Safe time to put geraniums out.

I have geraniums saved from last year on a back porch - no heat - only sunshine to heat it. Is it safe to put these geraniums outside on the deck when they say the temperatures will be 40 or over? I need to transplant, etc. and really want to get started.


Allegany County MD flowers geraniums moving outdoors 7 months ago

Hello, what is this plant?

Hello, what is this plant?



Allegany County MD plant id over 4 years ago

planer shavings of redwood

Is it safe to use redwood shavings for mulch or to till into soil from planed redwood boards? I have a custom woodworker in my neighborhood who is planing some old redwood boards and has an abundance of shavings. Are these an asset or liability for me in garden uses as they are available for free? Thank you.


Allegany County MD mulch redwood shavings over 4 years ago

Hydrangea problem

My hydrangeas were beautiful until about a month ago. I noticed one of the plants had a shriveled branch, while the rest of the plant appears healthy. This has progress to 4 branches and I am seeing the same thing on several other Hydrangea plants. I checked to see if the branch was broken, chewed, or damaged in any way. There are no noticeable insects or other pests. I have included a picture of the first plant that developed the problem.


Img_1079_hydrangea_300x300%2523 Img_1078_hydrangea_2_300x300%2523 Img_1077_hydrangea_3_300x300%2523

Allegany County MD shrub hydrangea dieback disease on hydrangea about 2 years ago

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