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Commercial Kitchen

Dear Sir or Madam, Your organization is listed for having a commercial kitchen for of time rental. Can you please elaborate on the process of such interchange. Regards Ben Afshari


Woodford County Kentucky almost 4 years ago


Does this pic have anything to do with bed bugs or some other bug. Was cleaning room and now need to know if bed bugs have invaded my room


Woodford County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Growing hay

I have had my fields cut for hay once a year for the last 2 years and this year they have more weeds and uneven growth. How do I get good hay?


Woodford County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Kind of tree

The tree with long white blooms, having been blooming now for 1& 1/2 weeks; is it the Yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea)?


Woodford County Kentucky 5 months ago

Early Budding, Blooming

It's early January, temperatures are in single digits, and my blueberry bushes are budding and blooming!! Why? And what should I do about this? NOTE: In the attached photos, you may need to zoom to better see the buds and blooms. Hello; I would like to know if the bushes need some type of protection as the weather changes to warmer. Help. please.


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Woodford County Kentucky over 2 years ago

How to get a soul sample tested?

I live in woodford county and would like to get my soil tested. How do I do that?


Woodford County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Suspected Sinkhole

We have a suspected sinkhole slowly opening in our back yard, within 25' of the house. Can you put me in touch with a contractor who can A) evaluate the situation and B) take action to prevent collapse? The attached photo shows a log inside the hole. Tree roots seem to be holding some of the soil in place, but cool air is coming up from the hole, as if a cave lies beneath.



Woodford County Kentucky over 2 years ago


Sick chicken. Unsure of problem but seems to be Sour crop issue. She has terrible odor. Bobs her head as if she has something in there. I need help and advice. Thanks for your help!


Woodford County Kentucky over 3 years ago

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