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Wholes in my sweet potatoes

Something ate tiny wholes in my sweet potatoes. Are they still edible? Can I still store them in a barrel in the ground?

Also can I store my sweet potatoes in the same barrel as my regular white potatoes as long as they are not touching?


Wolfe County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

bad smelling ground cover

I have this ground cover with green heart shaped leaves ,pink around edges.Grows like crazy, and it is impossible to kill out. It also smell really bad.


Wolfe County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Cockle burr's control

What's best way to control cockle burr's & is it safe to spray them in garden area & when best time of year to control them


Wolfe County Kentucky 6 months ago

master gardener

is there a master gardener anywhere nearby??


Wolfe County Kentucky over 3 years ago

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