Whitley County, Kentucky

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Older horse and stifle problems

My Rusty is a tattoed Standardbred in his mid to late 20's. We have struggled for the last 6 years to keep weight on. The equine specialist from UK suggested Purina Senior. This with "soaking" his alfafa cubes worked miracles and he gained weight to the point of becoming "fat". Four weeks ago he went "lame" The local vet rated him G5 and thought perhaps it was a hairline fracture. My ferrier said stifles. I did extensive reading on stifles and started him on a 15 minute walk program twice a day and this has helped him move better. We have had two episodes (the second occurred three days ago) where he laid down during the night and my husband and I struggled to get him back to his feet. Rusty has been a HUGE part of my life and I am struggling with knowing when it is time. I do not want to give up on him, but I do not wish him to suffer. My question is "what else can I do to make him comfortable? Is there some way of "popping" the stifle back into place? I have videos if it would help. Thank you so much.




Whitley County Kentucky about 7 years ago

Classroom sewing

Do you have any suggestions on how we can afford to get sewing machines for a Sewing Club in our school(Corbin Middle School) for next year? We don't have the funds to purchase the machines. We were hoping there may be some grants or money sources that you may know about that we could apply for.


Whitley County Kentucky about 5 years ago

pressure canner gauge check

Where can I find discontinued pressure canner manuals for a 1970's model Presto canner and/or directions/recipes for it's use that do not require purchase. The canner model I have is 01/CA16H4475.


Whitley County Kentucky almost 5 years ago


Hello. I know a lot of co-op’s in other areas and states have compost that the community can come get for their gardens. Does this location offer anything thing like that or any services that would interest a home gardener? THANK you.


Whitley County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Fruit trees

When do I spray young apple trees? They had tiny apples last year but something happened to them. I also have a peach tree that got worms in the peaches before ripe. I'm not at all sure of what I shoul do or what I should use Peggy Westkamp


Whitley County Kentucky over 3 years ago

tomatoe rout

Why is my tomatos routing on the bottom just as they start to turn ripe


Whitley County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

To know River BBQ Rub

Can someone tell me when these were distributed?



Whitley County Kentucky 6 months ago

Whitley County Aerial Photo

I'm interested in seeing what certain property looked like many years ago. Are there aerial photos of southern Whitley County archived anywhere? I don't need satellite imagery, its to recent. Thank you in advance for your input.


Whitley County Kentucky over 2 years ago

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