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My Plum Tree cuttins are all blooming in the Jar and the ones in dirt are too

I Cut some cutting off a friends plum tree around the 6th of February and they was still dormant and now in the last few days they are budding white flowers and haven't rooted yet will they still root ?


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Webster County KY over 2 years ago

Soil Testing

Does the Dixon extension office do soil testing and what is the cost.


Webster County KY over 2 years ago


do you have any opening for cabin


Webster County KY about 5 years ago

larvas in tomatoes

we are getting tomatoes with a brown hole in them and when we cut them open there is a large brown Larva in them, any ideal of what this is and what to do about them



Webster County KY 1 day ago

deer proofing garden

Is there a plant that can be planted in our garden that will keep deer out> If so what is it? Every year they eat more tomatoes than we do.


Webster County KY about 7 years ago

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