Washington County, Kentucky

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Pond Issues

I’m looking to revive a pond on my farm. Who can I contact for help and evaluation of the pond?


Washington County KY 5 months ago

fruit trees

Last year I lost some fruit trees do to late winter- this year the same thing is happening. Late December, record high temps, fruit trees budding. How can I protect these fruit trees when winter finally hits- or can I ?


Washington County KY over 4 years ago

Poison Hemlock

I have a lot of poison hemlock on my property. What is the best way to deal with this problem. Thanks.


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Washington County KY about 1 month ago

Soil sample

How do I take a proper soil sample? I have a very large vegetable garden, blueberries in a different spot, a very old apple tree I would like to revive in another spot and I would like to grow roses and hydrangeas in other places. I'm assuming I need a sample from each place and I want to make sure I do it right. Thank you for any help you can give me.


Washington County KY over 2 years ago

Sugar Maple Tree - Tree Heath & Risk Assessment

We have a beautiful old (150 years?) Sugar Maple tree and someone seeing a picture of it said it might need some attention. They also thought maybe Washington Co. offered assistance in that area and suggested we contact you. My husband, Bill, is 85 and I'm 78 so not good idea for us to go tree climbing :). We live in the old McMurtry place - which we have listed as kids want us nearer to them. At the moment the tree is in all it's Autumn glory.


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Washington County KY over 1 year ago

Master Garder application

I am very interested in being a Master Garden. Also my father- in- law passed a few weeks back and there are bedbugs in the house and Im wondering the best course of action because finances are an issue. I have heard that vinegar and diatomaceous earth work and would like confirmation on this. Also to heat water in bath tug with heat set higher and shampoo the floors. is there any other recommendations we could make.


Washington County KY about 1 year ago

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