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Master Gardening Program

Do we have a Master Gardening Training Program here in Union County?


Union County KY 6 months ago


How to get rid of bagwormsarmTti


Union County KY almost 3 years ago

Pecan tree disease

My pecan trees have webs on them and the pecans are bad. Last year a lot of the limbs were cut by something. How can I treat the trees so next year I have good pecan crop


Union County KY over 4 years ago

Please identify this bug

I found this insect in an open area. Please identify this bug.


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Union County KY about 1 year ago


I'm growing potatoes for the first time and I'm using the trash can method. I know I'm supposed to keep adding dirt but my question is am I supposed to cover the leaves with dirt? I've been adding dirt up to thr first leaf. Am I doing this correctly?


Union County KY about 4 years ago

pollinating plants

I've noticed that my green tomatoes are small. I haven't noticed any bees or butterflys around my garden and I don't use sprays. Do gardens need bees to pollinate plants?


Union County KY almost 4 years ago

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