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My thuja are 3 years old. This year I tried jobes tree spikes and I’m worried it’s burning them up but we also had two very late hard freezes that did lots of damage to trees and plants plus we went from very wet and cool to extreme heat and no rain for 3 weeks.


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Trigg County Kentucky 29 days ago

blue berries

best to grow in trigg county. where can i buy local or online.


Trigg County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Where to find fall garden vegetables

I'm looking for Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli sets and unable to find them. I am in Trigg County


Trigg County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

blue berry plants

best varieties to grow in cadiz ky. i was planning for 4 bush's and was wondering what they would produce. was planning to put them in pots so i could move them if i wanted. i have 3 different spots with full sun that i could move them to.


Trigg County Kentucky over 4 years ago

bee help

We need to trap bees for a small experiment. What is the best non kill trapping decive?


Trigg County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Sink holes

I need info. on proper care around the series of 5 sink holes behind our home.


Trigg County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

vole and chipmunk eradication

what to use to get rid of voles and chipmunks?


Trigg County Kentucky about 5 years ago

1adult Bradford Pear tree dying!

I have a few Bradford Pear trees but 1 is thin and leaves look like fall has hit it's been this way right after spring went to summer. Want to know what it is and can I save it? Update in 2 days of rain the tree is looking even worse and leaves seems to be curling now.


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Trigg County Kentucky about 3 years ago

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