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High Oleic Soybeans

Can we grow them in Todd County? Where is our market? What are the maturity numbers? Who has high Oleic seed?


Todd County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Deposits on milkweed leaves and between leaf and stem.

Milkweed has several small black deposits on top surface of a few leaves, single deposits of same at joint between leaf and stem (top surface). Nothing on undersides of either. Milkweed beetles present. No sign of aphids. Deposit bear some resemblance to fecal deposit (maybe). Not shiny. About 1/8" long, half as wide. Both in groups and single deposit. Stationary. Not insect-like in appearance. Flowering, plant and leaf growth not affected. Plants tall and healthy. Currently supporting 2 monarch caterpillars.

Are monarch caterpillar droppings. Video on You Tube so demonstrating.


Todd County Kentucky about 2 years ago

I need help choosing apple varieties for my area

I'm working to revive an apple orchard that my granddad planted over 20 years ago but I need some advice on which varieties I should graft. I know that some varieties are more resistant to diseases/pests than other varieties, so I was curious to know if you guys had any information on which pests are most prevalent in my area (Todd County). Thank you, Thomas Young


Todd County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Unknown issue with tree

Believe this is a Colorado spruce. Tree has good growth past few years but appears to be ailing or dying with no explanation. Any help.or advice to save it would be appreciated.


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Todd County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

New fescue lawn

We have recently (about 6 weeks) seeded a lawn with fescue. It is coming up nicely but looks a little pale. I know not to try to kill weeds yet, but would it be helpful to put some fertilizer on it? If so, what type.


Todd County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Pet friendly buttercup spray

Are any of the weed killers okay to use around dogs and cats that might roam the field? Thank you very much for info. Susan


Todd County Kentucky about 2 years ago

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