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Discolored parsley and Bug eggs

Does someone know what happened to my parsley? It isn’t raised- it looks almost like leaf miners, but they’re not connected like a leaf miner’s trail would be. I also found some sort of bug eggs or nest in the soil of my garden- it looks a bit like a small wasp nest, but I’m not sure what it is. Could someone let me know what these are? Thank you very much!! :)


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Shelby County Kentucky 10 months ago

Dying pine trees

Hi, I moved to our property 3 years ago and in the short time many of our pine trees have completely died. I was wondering if there is anything i can do to save them. The long needle ones are dying from the bottom up and the spruce is dying from the inside out. Thanks for your help. Nicole



Shelby County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Soil sample

How do I collect and submit a soil sample? How long does it take to get the analysis? Thank you!


Shelby County Kentucky over 2 years ago

native grasses of shelby county

I would like to plant native grasses in my horse pastures to counteract the fescue and bluegrass which are making my horses overweight and presenting metabolic issues and signs of laminitis.


Shelby County Kentucky over 5 years ago

Black Gum Tupelo Black Leaf Spots

I have a newly planted black gum tupelo. It's got black leaf spots, and some branches on the bottom have dead leaves on them. There is also some premature leaf color changing. What should I do? Tree is about 8 to 9 feet tall.


Shelby County Kentucky about 5 years ago


Does Shelby County, KY have a Beekeeping Association? If so, can you please provide me with contact information? Thank You.


Shelby County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

What tree to plant in front yard

I have a good sized front yard.. Last October my 20 year old Aristocrat Pear tree decided to split on me. I need to replace it with a Nice Similar Native Tree that won't do that but grows fast, has nice leaves most of the year and blooms in spring.. The other tree I had to replace last year I replaced with a Black Gum tree.. What do you suggest for our area please?


Shelby County Kentucky over 1 year ago

What builds a nest like this?

What kind of creature builds a nest like this? Thanks for your help



Shelby County Kentucky almost 2 years ago

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