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Poultry processing

My family moved here from Michigan a few years ago and we are looking for information on where we can take poultry, broilers and turkeys to be processed?


Scott County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Cone shaped worm like things appear to be growing on my composite decking

I noticed these off and on recently. I took pictures tonight because it’s suposed to rain. They appear to be moving really slow like worms, they are kind of cone shaped and are almost the exact color of my deck rail. I can try and get better pictures in the daytime. I would just like to know what it is? A possible insect larvae, a fungus? There are a lot of them and it’s very strange Thanks! Lisa Zwick


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Scott County Kentucky 11 months ago

I need help identifying a butterfly

A beautiful little critter landed on my knee and blessed me with his presence I would like to know what kind of butterfly it is. please help


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Scott County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Questions about Goats/Donkeys/Mules

Hello, I was told that your team are the go to experts for all questions related to agriculture and wanted to ask a few different questions before diving headfirst into an investment. My wife and I recently purchased property in Scott County (just outside of Stamping Ground) and were considering getting some livestock as a way of maintaining the land/providing some type of vector control (by eating away the weeds/grass where vectors are likely to proliferate). We've never owned any farm animals and recently learned of some folks that were looking to find a new home for their pet goats (4 in total, 3 castrated males, and one female who is the mother of one of the three males). The terrain has a fairly dense thicket/briars and there is ample land for browsing/grazing (the bigger paddock is roughly 4 acres or a little larger). So, we were wondering if there are any cost/price ranges for keeping goats healthy that you could share (e.g., vaccines, deworming, etc...) as well as some idea of about how much time it would take to maintain the goats (e.g., aside from their hooves if there is anything else they need to stay healthy)? We were also told that we would need either a protection/herding dog or another animal to help keep coyotes away like a donkey or a mule. We've tried to search online a bit, but haven't had much luck finding places where we could purchase a donkey but figured you might have some advise on how to find livestock for sale as well.


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Scott County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Type of Grass In My Lawn?

Hello! I hope this message finds you and your families well. Working around my home this spring has been an excellent way to help stay busy during these crazy times. One thing I've began to dive deeper into has been lawn care. I have always assumed I knew the type of grass in my lawn just from picture comparison. However, I've never reached out for confirmation. My assumption has been basically a mixture of Tall Type Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. Could you take a look at the attached pictures and confirm what type(s) of grass I actually do have so I can better tune in my lawn care program? Thanks In Advance, - Jeremy Back


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Scott County Kentucky 2 months ago

Orange stringy roots

I have these bright orange stringy roots under the mulch in my beds. The roots are everywhere (under the surface) but don’t seem to be attached to any plant. Can you identify and tell me if they will be a problem? I am incorporating edible plants (spinach, carrots, lettuce, etc) into my flower beds this season.


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Scott County Kentucky over 1 year ago

How do I get a soil sample tested.

I would like to get two sets of soil samples tested. One for my lawn and one for my vegetable garden. How do I do that?


Scott County Kentucky over 1 year ago


how much money is the fair?


Scott County Kentucky about 4 years ago

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