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Is there someone that will come out to your property to look at your fruit trees and berries and explain to your what maybe wrong with them and what needs to be sprayed and when? Does this service cost a fee?


Russell County Kentucky almost 6 years ago

russell co. maple trees

All my maple trees (and neighbors) have brownish/black leaves and look very un-healthy. This is a recent onset. Any ideas or news on this?


Russell County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

Farm animals

We want to start raising chickens and ducks. If we get enough to start laying we want to sell the eggs and possibly the chickens later. How can we get started in making our farm dream come true


Russell County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Master Naturalist Certification Program

Hello, I came across the Master Naturalist Certification Program recently. I could not help noticing that Kentucky does not have such a program while most other states do. This program is overseen by the extension office system. I was quite surprised to discover that we do not have one. I stopped in at our local extension office. They have a Master Gardener Program, but had never heard of the Master Naturalist Program. I am very interested in this program. If someone would get back to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time, Velina Swords


Russell County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Forestry assistance

I’ve recently bought land with several large trees on it. After some research, i found out that some areas offer free assistance by professional foresters. Does this area offer any type of assistance with determining value of trees, finding prospective buyers, etc? thank you.


Russell County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Sweet potato

Can raising sweet potatoes be profitable enough to offset the lose of tobacco production?


Russell County Kentucky over 5 years ago

What is this?

I was walking to my friends house across the yard when I noticed a tree had these green fruit looking objects. They are small, about as big as a kiwi and kind of bumpy!


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Russell County Kentucky about 1 year ago


Our children, 8 and 10 are wanting to join a 4-H club. They are wanting to raise and show rabbits, chickens and vegetables and crafts. We live on the Russell county part of Jabez. The kids attend Nancy elementary in Pulaski County. Please help us find an appropriate club. The Jager Family


Russell County Kentucky over 4 years ago

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