Rowan County, Kentucky

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What kind of spider

My sister found this in her son's sandbox yesterday. She said It's back looked soft like velvet, Is it poisonous? Is it in the black widow family?



Rowan County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Identify this bug

I'm trying to identify this bug that I found in my hotel. I saw one on the bathroom wall going under the light fixture and I saw one on the ironing board. I think there may have been a few more under the light fixture in the bathroom. I did not see any bugs on the bedding or stains on the bedding.



Rowan County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

Summer camp

When is the deadline and the free to sign up for summer camp?


Rowan County Kentucky about 2 years ago

pasture recovery

greetings, curious to know if you could recommend a product or methodology to rid my pastures of this particular type of flowering weed without killing grass. (see images) the challenge is that the pastures are always in use. i have llamas and alpacas and do not have the luxury of being able to rotate them... so, i'm looking for a solution where these ruminant animals could stay on the pasture while treating. or, at least move them from one side of the field to the other while treating. thanks, dennis stearns s&s camelid company morehead, ky 320-223-1667


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Rowan County Kentucky about 3 years ago


I have had my blueberry bush for 4 years it has always produced an abundance of berries and been a very healthy bush.
This year there was new growth, but the tips of the branches are turning brown and dying.
It has no leaves at all.
What can cause this? is there anything I can do?


Rowan County Kentucky about 1 year ago

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