Powell County, Kentucky

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Ash tree advice

I have a treehouse built last summer in an ash tree in Powell county. The tree seems to have died (approximately 6’ circumference). Is there anything I can do to protect/delay the trunk from decay?


Powell County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Raising freshwater prawns

I am curious if there is any info available to me for raising fresh water prawns at home. Also curious if I need an aquaculture permit. Thank you!


Powell County Kentucky 6 months ago

Suspected Egg Drop Syndrome in backyard flock

Hi there. My backyard flock of 13 chickens has experiences a drop in production recently. I didn't think much of it until one (or possibly more) of my hens has been laying shell-less eggs. It's possible it could be egg-drop syndrome. Should I do something about this, like have something tested? Is this a big deal? Or will it run its course and then be done? Thanks a lot!


Powell County Kentucky over 3 years ago


I am looking for information on how to get started in the hemp industry i am a first time farmer that has took over a farm and i need guidance. where would be the best place to start.


Powell County Kentucky over 1 year ago

What type of tree is this?

We have a couple of those growing in the yard and they're growing quickly, I'd like to know if they are friends or foes.



Powell County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

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