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Do you timber trees?

Hello. I am writing because my mother has two to four tulip poplars that she would like timbered. I am pretty sure she is willing to give the trees to whomever will cut them down. And, I don't think she is looking to sell the timber, she just wants them removed and will give the trees as payment for having them removed. Is this something the Department of Forestry would do, or can they provide the names of someone who might? Thanks in advance.


Pike County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Frost bitten Philodendron

I have a philodendron tree that stays outside during the summer months and is brought inside during fall/winter months. This year we were out of town when the temps dropped and the plants are damaged from the cold weather. The plants are inside the home now, but are obviously not doing well. Some of the leaves are a yellow/green color with brown areas on them. What can I do to save them? Should I buy a grown light? Prune? Repot? Fertilize? Thanks in advance for answering my question. Nicole


Pike County Kentucky almost 2 years ago

Have a sawmill in West Virginia

We have big connections with one of the largest sawmill in west virginia can supply you with any kind of wood products that you want they have 10 mills or more ready to sell what you need contact us by email or by phone at 1-606-353-9310 or at 1-503-324-0475 can start soon as the paper work is work out. Thanks GOD AND JESUS BLESS YOUR COMPANY FOREVER


Pike County Kentucky over 3 years ago

earliest female goats can come in heat?

We have a little female about 6 weeks old and our males are trying to mate her. Is it possiple she could come into season this young. We have separated her,


Pike County Kentucky over 2 years ago

I first saw a cardnial nest in tree in from of living room window about June...

I first saw a cardnial nest in tree in from of living room window about June 3rd or 4th. Yesterday there came a hard rain and tree with nest was swayin big time that was on June 9th. Today went to check on nest and Mama was gone have not seen her at all Papa flew by window then left. Could they have moved to another nest?


Pike County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Identification please

Is this a copperhead?


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Pike County Kentucky about 5 years ago

Sprouted dry seeds

If a dry seed has begun to sprout (before it dried) will it germinate when planted?


Pike County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Soil problems

How do I test my soil so my garden will grow better. I am having trouble raising my corn most of all and I have a lot of blight on my tomatoes and zucchini and squash. My beans aren't growing as good as they use to.


Pike County Kentucky about 4 years ago

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