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My mom spotted a few of these in her yard. In the sun they looked orange. When I took the pic this is how it turned out (my camera isnt the best). My question is what kind and dangerous or not.



Pendleton County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

A new farm

I have recently come to own some property in Pendleton county on hwy 609 in butler. Is there guidance available on starting perhaps a tree farm or some other type of agriculture based business available? Also I wonder if grants are available for such a venture.


Pendleton County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

soil analysis

How do we go about getting a soil analysis?


Pendleton County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Cattle prices

Where do people in the county look for current cattle prices?


Pendleton County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Weird bug

We found this bug on our tractor. It was cool looking so my son put him in a jar. He got loose. I found out because I had a stinging sensation in my arm. He has spikes on his back. He is very bright orange with 3 rows of spikes.


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Pendleton County Kentucky almost 4 years ago


is there any help from the extention office to help the soil in my area?


Pendleton County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Distillers Syrup

distillers syrup is a cheap byproduct of producing bourbon, allowing for a plausible cost effective feeding solution for cattleman. But what risks are associated with this product ? can it throw off rumen Ph ?can it be self fed ? etc.


Pendleton County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Water Testing

Do you know of a lab that tests drinking water for contaminants and hardness?


Pendleton County Kentucky over 4 years ago

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