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Chicken mites or red mite

Can you tell me if chicken mites or red mites can live and reproduce on humans? I think I may have some in my house and I have read different opinions about them. How long can they survive without a bird host and can they continue to live off of me? Thanks so much.


Owsley County Kentucky about 5 years ago

chicken mites

I have been reading about the different mites on here. I am pretty sure I have some bird mites in my home. I have read some conflicting information on bird mites on the internet so I found your site and my question is : You all say that the northern fowl mite and some others cannot live and reproduce on human blood alone and will eventually die. Is it the same with the chicken mite? I know they can live longer without feeding but can they continue to live on human blood and keep reproducing? Thanks


Owsley County Kentucky about 5 years ago

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