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Mosquito Spray

Does your mosquito spray also kill pollinators? If so, wouldn't that have an adverse impact on agriculture, and bird life? Just curious.


Oldham County Kentucky 3 months ago

fly predators vs fly eliminators vs fly stoppers

Are there differences between these varieties? Does one work better than another in our area? Do any of them work at all? We have horses and trying to minimize if not eliminate for their health, your assistance and guidance before I purchase is greatly appreciated.


Oldham County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Plant Identification?

I am trying to figure out what the plant in this picture is. Can you help? Thanks, Chris



Oldham County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Weeping willow

My weeping willow tree died at the top and has sprouts of healthy leaves at the base. Will it live? It is planted close to my pond.


Oldham County Kentucky about 1 month ago

creeping buttercup

I believe this is what I found in my pasture. It has begun to take off overnight. I do keep horses in this field so what is a safe herbicide to get rid of this weed. I realise I may have to move horses off it for a little while. But I don't have the option to keep them off of it for a whole season to completely replant. Need the best solution for a speedy fix. Also way to many to just hand weed.


Oldham County Kentucky about 2 years ago

Arborist classes?

Hey guys! We are currently under new ownership at Earl Theinemans Garden Center! Our new owner has a love for trees and shrubs. I've been learning how to propagate and care for them and it has sparked an interest in becoming more knowledgeable in the area. Do you guys offer arborist classes? I'm California chainsaw certified and worked for the conservation corps for a few yrs which offered forestry classes, but I am getting alot of trouble shooting question from customers with older trees. Id like to be able to help them more :) Sincerely, Shawna Lemos


Oldham County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Trees dying

Hi, We have an area of the yard we landscaped 11 years ago and just noticed several of the trees are dying. We have juniper style trees lining a fence that are browning and then several ornamental trees where the leaves have large spots and are browning. We are not sure what to do to save them or if they can be saved. We use Trugreen and they did apply a treatment to shrubs/trees June 13th. We do not have details on if this area was sprayed. We also have a sprinkler system and the grass around the trees does not seem to be stressed.


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Oldham County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Tree fungus

Do extension agents ever come to homes to give advice? I have a tree that has a massive shelf fungus on it that was not present 4 days ago. I want to save the tree if possible but don't know what to do.



Oldham County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

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