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Yard bushes pruning

When is the best time/season to trim/prune yard plants/bushes ?


Yavapai County Arizona pruning horticulture over 6 years ago

aphids on indoor plants and herbs

I have aphids on my indoor plants (petunias, arrowhead, etc) and basil that i grow to eat. So, of course i would like to kill and control them safely for me and the plants. I am thinking it should not be necessary to buy expensive, strong insecticides for this.There appears to be more of them lately. I have seen many suggestions online here and am reluctant to try them until i feel comfortable with the info. I would need the solution in a spray bottle and hopefully not have to flush it out of the soil later. I would also like to not worry about some getting on the soil because it seems that is where they are located most of the time. (I grow cat grass, too, and the aphids are on it right now and she is very sensitive to everything she eats)
Thank you so much! :)


Yavapai County Arizona almost 4 years ago

Frost date

Whenis average last frost date in zip 86303?


Yavapai County Arizona almost 4 years ago

Cast iron low waffle iron number 8 base with WCH on it

I have this really nice condition cast iron low waffle iron base that has a bail handle. On the bottom is the initials WCH and a number 8. I do not have the top part. Does anyone know who made this or any other information? I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Ron


Yavapai County Arizona about 4 years ago

how to kill cottonwood roots after tree is gone and stump is ground out

We purchased a vacation home in Sedona (185 Mission Road, Sedona AZ 86336) on May of this year. Our main residence is in Minneapolis. We have just become aware of problems at Mission Rd (roots totally blocking buried down spout extension pipes; suspected invasion of plumbing lines to a small [below ground] pool and/or hot tub, or possible crack in pooland/or hot tub; new suckers popping up everywhere in the yard) with the still viable cottonwood roots from a super large cottonwood tree (that we never saw, but was taken down by the previous owner maybe a year or so ago). We want to permanently kill the roots, but I have been told by 2 Arizona tree services that excavation of the entire yard (to dig out the roots) is my only answer now, because the stump was not left above ground, available to be chemically treated. Please contact me at 612 600-4115 or janedemay@Q.com and I will give you the full story. The big question: is there any way to chemically treat these roots now? I'm hoping for better news from you!!


Yavapai County Arizona trees and shrubs tree roots over 3 years ago

Looking for Iris

My mom and I are looking for someone who is willing to thin out some of their iris We live in Prescott Valley AZ. My email is klingstonkaren88@gmail.com


Yavapai County Arizona horticulture almost 7 years ago

Why no morning glories inAZ

I an from MO and ldiked in mny other states where we had morning glories. Why are they illegal in AZ?


Yavapai County Arizona horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 7 years ago

pecans not dropping

This is october in central arizona 3500 ft in elevation,my pecan trees still have pecans on the tree from last year and a new crop this year. The old ones have black hulls on them and the new ones are still green. why are'nt they opening and falling to the ground. Average daytime temps in the 70's and 80's, plenty of sun.


Yavapai County Arizona pecan horticulture horticulture over 6 years ago

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