Metcalfe County, Kentucky

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what kind of help can I get?

I do get snap benefits so please send an email on how to get started


Metcalfe County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Seed Drill

Is there a seed drill available for my county that I can rent to use on my land?


Metcalfe County Kentucky over 4 years ago

boar selection

I'm Kathy Bottorff, the sec/tres of the Red Wattle Hog Association. I also write our newsletter. I'm currently looking for information on boar selection. Why its so important and what to look for. Boar selection on an heirloom pasture hog for small farmers can be quite different from larger commercial operations. Can you direct me to the proper materials or perhaps someone there would even consider writing an article for our newsletter.


Metcalfe County Kentucky over 6 years ago

Soil Testing

I would like to get some soil samples tested from my farm. What is the best way to do this and who or where do I send them to?


Metcalfe County Kentucky about 3 years ago

fruits, and vegetables developed for Kentucky growing

I will be moving to Edmonton, Ky. I was wondering if the agricultural community has developed some fruit, and vegetable cultivars especially suited for the Kentucky region?


Metcalfe County Kentucky 4 months ago

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