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Japanese beetles

What's the best way to get rid of Japanese beetles? We have one tree that has been completely taken over with them, and they're various other places throughout our landscape and I'm worried they'll move on to another tree and our garden when they're done with the first.


Mercer County Kentucky about 2 years ago


Is it too early/late to plant roses?


Mercer County Kentucky about 1 year ago

beef cattle

I'm interested in getting into beef cattle on a small scale . I live in Salvisa and just finished having a proper livestock fence installed with a small loading corral. Just need help on the next steps to take . Thanks, Craig Hagan


Mercer County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

Need help interpreting Web Soil Survey (WSS) report for potential hobby farm

I'm considering buying some land in Mercer County, Kentucky. The WSS report is ambiguous (to me). The property is only 8 acres and 2/3 are "Prime Farmland" and 1/3 is "Not Prime Farmland", but I get a warning that the scale is such that it's not accurate for that size. i.e. Maybe all the land is Prime or Not, etc. Can someone help me: 1) interpret the WSS 2) find an appropriate appraiser for a plot intended for general Hobby Farming, i.e. grow an assortment of vegetables, grains and animal feed. The WSS link to this property is:,-84.7... A similar report from AcreValue, apparently derived from the same survey data: Any help appreciated. Thanks, Dave


Mercer County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Sick Maple tree

The lower leaves on our maple tree are curling and turning brown. I’ve attached a couple pictures. It’s also covered in spiders, which might be a good thing if the problem is an insect infestation. I sent one overall photo and one close up of the”bug” that may be causing the problem. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Sara Cavitt


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Mercer County Kentucky 3 months ago

How to become an agribility business

I was approached by a friend asking if we were certified to participate in the agribility program, as we are a motorcycle, atv and side x side dealer. We were not aware that such a program existed but are interested in finding out more and possibly becoming a dealer/agent for the farmers in our area.


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Mercer County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Regular sickness is becoming a concern!

My girlfriend's two youngest, the youngest just turned 1year April 30th and the other child is 3. They attend daycare 3-4 days a week. The daycare has a five star review on Facebook, I don't personally know anything about the center or it's employee's. I realize kids are magnets for germs, and spread germs and sicknesses but these two girls are literally sick at least once a month, sometimes twice. We're really starting to get concerned. I was wondering what actions we should take to check the cleanliness of the center, how they clean, how often, cleaners used, etc. This center is in Kentucky by the way. Im Not out to smear the centers name or anything, just a concerned parent, plus all of these doctors doctors visits and medication are hurting our pockets. Any advice is welcome, and thank you!


Mercer County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Identify a grass

I'm finding my horses arent eating some of my hay if it has this particular grass in it. What is it?



Mercer County Kentucky 7 months ago

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