Meade County, Kentucky

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Backpack program

Is there going to be a backpack program in Meade county?


Meade County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Honey Bees

Do you sell bees and or Bee boxes? Thanks


Meade County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Soil testing

Do you do soil testing for home vegetable gardens​ ?


Meade County Kentucky over 3 years ago


I have seen where other countys hold CPR training sessions and wondered if ours has any?


Meade County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Bugs on my dogs

My 3 dogs have these little black bugs on them what could they be sorry about the blurry ness


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Meade County Kentucky 4 months ago

Type of flower.

Seen this weed/flower and notice it blooms early mornings until late afternoon. Then it closes up and reopens next day. Just wanted to know what type it is.


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Meade County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Plum tree

I planted what is supposed to be a self pollinating European plum tree about 4 or 5 years ago, I for get the cultivar, and it has never had blooms. It is very healthy looking. I have fertilized as i have my other fruit trees but no blooms. Can you identify my tree with a sample cut from a branch? Is this normal, does the tree need to be older to produce blooms? I have even added some extra phosphate fertilizer last year.Please help.


Meade County Kentucky 5 months ago

English walnut pest

Something is eating the green husk from my English walnuts, what is it and how do I get rid of it??


Meade County Kentucky about 4 years ago

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