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Need help on what to use to kill mites in room and on my cats?

I have something I think they are a mite. I moved into an attic area that was turned into a room it has a dropped ceiling and opening above would be roof and 2 chimneys. I have sprayed everything I now have an infection on my skin my cats are covered. We have worms... We had a professional come in one said yes it was the other guy said he didn't see any sign. I had sample they come out at night. I have a light from ceiling the old style with the screws that hold I believe they are coming in thru them.. I have noticed my cats eyes I can clean or wipe and I can see something come back a very small thing but lots nothing is killing or helping. Oh except Lysol I spray it directly on ceiling and they don't start t about 3 am them I will spray again but I and my cats are becoming frail from this thing. Fleas, or mites I just need help before l loose 1 of my cats or I end up in the hospital. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!


Mason County Kentucky about 2 years ago

Hemp production

What , if any , news on growing hemp in mason county, in 2019 , do you have? As a farm owner, I am interested in becoming a licensed hemp grower, processor and hemp product producing land owner.


Mason County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Types of Trees

Levi Ripato, age 10, is working on his 4th grade science fair project "What types of wood burn the fastest?". Levi lives on 8 acres the Lewisburg area and would love to have the county extension agent help him learn what types of tress we have on our property. Would the county extension agent be available to come to our home and help Levi identify the trees on our property? Levi is a very serious student and wise beyond his size.



Mason County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Master Gardener

I moved from Ohio to Maysville. I am interested in taking the Master Gardener course the next time it is offered. Can someone let me know when that will be.


Mason County Kentucky over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

What type of bush/tree is this?



Mason County Kentucky over 4 years ago

soil testing?

I want to over seed my yard this Sept. and would like to get my soil tested before I do this to see if it needs lime and fertilizer and how much of each. Does your office still preform this service and if so how do I go about sampling my soil?


Mason County Kentucky about 3 years ago

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