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I think my tomato plants have blight because after watering they seemed to...

I think my tomato plants have blight because after watering they seemed to wilt. Anything I can do?


Marion County Kentucky over 5 years ago

Youth Development - 4H Cloverbuds

Hi, I'm interested in involving my 1st grader in 4H Cloverbuds. Is there a program locally available for this? Also are there any clubs and/or programs available for those who home educate? Thank you!


Marion County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Chemical-Free Weed Control of Asparagus Bed

I have a 8, 45' rows of asparagus I planted this Spring. I hoed the beds a couple of times earlier in the year and pulled large tap roots weeds such as pigweed, sticker bush, etc...The ferns have done well but so has the grass between the rows. My plan to tackle this grass is to wait until the ferns brown, mow everything, cover the area with plastic for a few weeks, layer with compost, and finally layer with straw. My question is will the heat from the plastic heat the ground enough to pose a threat to my asparagus crowns below the ground?


Marion County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Is this barklice? Or something worse

I found a bunch of these tiny things on my blinds inside the house while cleaning



Marion County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Ornamental Trees

During the recent storm one of my Bradford Pear trees was taken down. I would like to plant another flowering type tree but don't want to get another Bradford Pear since they don't seem sturdy during stormy weather. What are some good and flowering ornamental trees I could choose from to plant?


Marion County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Can you help me identify a spider?

I found this critter in my home. I'm not sure what it is but it doesn't look good :( can you help me identify it, please?



Marion County Kentucky over 3 years ago

My peach tree has a serious bark problem.

I don't know what this is. Please help. My tree is five years old. It's in grass not mulch.


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Marion County Kentucky 5 months ago

Neoscona crucifera

I have read that this particular spider gets up to 3/4 of an inch... the one on my porch has to be around 2 inches


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Marion County Kentucky about 2 years ago

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