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White worm/caterpillar eating my shrubs

This white worm is eating all the leaves off two of my shrubs. As you can see in one picture the white catapillar sheds and becomes green and yellow. And when you touch the white worms it leaves a white powder on your skin. Would vinegar work to get rid of the? I don't want to use anything that will kill Monarchs or other butterflies.


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Madison County Kentucky about 2 years ago

Aerating and Cleaning our pond

We have a spring water fed pond on our farm that is covered with moss. It has some blue gills and a lot of frogs in it. We would like to work on it to make the water clear. Could we get some guidance on how to go about it? eg. pump, products and tools Sincerely, Ivan and Kumi Price


Madison County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Bagworm infestation of arborbvitae

I have two emerald green arborvitae - both about 10 feet tall- that were recently defoliated by a bag worm infestation. We returned from vacation to find both trees brown and defoliated with the exception of a few small branches on each tree. We have sprayed the trees and connecting plantings with Sevin (I realize this is not likely helpful at this point), and we have physically removed bag worms from the trees. My question is can these trees return to their original state after the bag worm infestation? The branches on both arborvitae are springy and when scratched are green under the bark. I also see what appears to be rows of small buds on some branches, a few of which show signs of emerging new growth. These trees are part of the landscaping around our home, so if they cannot leaf out again, I will have to replace them.


Madison County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Grub egg hatching in lawns

When is the best time to apply a grub control insecticide in our area? I'm hearing May / June would be ideal...? I'm seeing June bugs flying around and dead in my driveway and garage so it that a sign do it now?


Madison County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Soil Test

How can I get a soil test in my two small raised bed gardens?


Madison County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Arborvite turning brown in areas

I have an arborvite getting brown spots. Can you tell me why this is occurring? I have one on each side of it and they aren't turning.



Madison County Kentucky about 1 month ago

Lambs Ear

A friend recommended lambs ear as a companion plant for sedum in my flower bed. Is lambs ear invasive? I don’t want it to end up in my husbands yard? Also what taller flowering plant would work best behind my row of sedum? I read that salvia or a sage would work nicely. Area is partly shaded. Photo is of the area I’m trying to add texture & color to.



Madison County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Patio peach tree completely losing its leaves

I have two patio peach trees (one in a pot on back deck and another planted in front of house) that lost their leaves early in the Spring. I am not sure what happened. Do you have any idea?


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Madison County Kentucky about 1 month ago

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