McLean County, Kentucky

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Gardening Schedule

Hello, do you have planting schedule for McLean County? Thanks!


McLean County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Beekeeping in McLean Co

Hello. My name is Colonel Jay Jones, retired US Army Colonel. I grew up in McLean Co and am now looking to move back home. I'm the process of buying a 100 acre farm West of Beech Grove along the Green River where I plan to establish my Apiary. I am closing on the farm May 25th. I am initially looking at setting up 4 hives which I already have the woodware for. I will be buying packaged bees locally to get my colonies established so I don't think I need any inspectin certificates. My question is around the requirements and licenses within the commonwealth for farming honeybees? I currently have an apiary and business in North Carolina that I will be relocating to my new farm.


McLean County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Apiary located in McLean Co, KY

I would like to know if there are any registered Apiary in McLean Co, KY. If so, where? Thanks


McLean County Kentucky over 3 years ago

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