McCreary County, Kentucky

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Pond Management

My pond is approximately 50 x 100ā€™ and about 5ā€™ deep. Have a terrible algae/covering the entire pond, appears to have a foam on the top. The fish are starting to die now and I donā€™t know what to do. I purchased some pond clear and am trying that. I applied it Sunday. Please help, David Hopkins



McCreary County Kentucky about 1 month ago

Rat Problems

Do you have any advise on getting rid of an excessive amount of rats? Due to excessive rains, the varmints are being forced out of their homes in the cliffs and into the back yard. Thank you


McCreary County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Soil test

How much are soil test and what's the timeframe for reaults


McCreary County Kentucky over 3 years ago

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