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Life skills

Could you tell me or direct me in the right direction for any life skills courses that may be offered for young teenagers or adults in general for free or low to no-cost?


McCracken County Kentucky 10 months ago

Land on New Holt Rd. Paducah

What is being built on New Holt Rd in Paducah beside the Emeritus Assisted Living facility? Is it a garden? If so, will the Emeritus residents have access from their side parking lot to walk there?


McCracken County Kentucky about 5 years ago

ID a plant

What is this plant? It is probably 20 ft tall. It was cut down last year and regained the height this year.


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McCracken County Kentucky 11 months ago

Why are fungicides not recommended to control canker disease in home...

Why are fungicides not recommended to control canker disease in home blueberry plants per your article? I have ten blueberry plants in my back yard and several have what appears to be canker. My plants look like some of the photos of canker. We have indeed had a lot of wet weather this growing season and the problem only showed after the rains.


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McCracken County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Knock out rose

What are my knockout roses doing? Over the last several years I have noted that as the summer goes on the growth becomes more wild looking - the blooms get smaller and the stems get more thorny.


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McCracken County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Identify a flower

A plant that I can't recognize has come up this spring in our flower garden. It has a thick stalk with very small, yellow, daisy-like flowers. I was wondering if you might help us identify it. I'm attaching a picture but can take more at different angles if you like.



McCracken County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Wolf spider

We just moved into our new house and have noticed quite a few wolf spiders. I dumped a pile of clothes to put away in the corner of our room two days ago and put about half of them away today. I noticed a wolf spider in the pile and made sure it didn’t have babies on it before squishing it. I have three concerns: could I have accidentally squished a mom and not noticed it, and now could there be babies in the clothes I have already put away? And also, would the babies have to be fairly large to survive off mom (ie- if they were eggs or very young they would die?)


McCracken County Kentucky 12 months ago

Planting a shade tree near a house

What is a good shade tree to plant near a house?


McCracken County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

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