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What kind of plant is this?

This plant or weed is growing near our black berries and grapes. Just want to know what it is. Has spikes on the stems.


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Livingston County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Soil Test

How long does it take to get the results from a soil test once I drop them off to your office ? Respectfully, Ken Raby


Livingston County Kentucky about 2 years ago

Custom Harvesting Rates

I would like to find out what the custom harvest rates are for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat for Livingston, Lyon, and Caldwell Counties


Livingston County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Boston ferns

I have about 30 Boston fern in the greenhouse. I have tiny white specks on the fronds. They are to small to b mealy bugs. The leaves on the fronds slowly turn yellow where these white things are. I've tried insecticide soap and water, Dawn and alcohol on them. Neither seems to total get rid of them. I've also sprayed the base of the ferns


Livingston County Kentucky over 1 year ago

slow to ripen organic heirloom tomatoes

Many I have talked to in kentucky and other nearby states are having trouble getting their heirloom tomatoes to ripen. Any reason for that that you know of? Any way to hurry them along, without adding chemical or poisons?


Livingston County Kentucky about 5 years ago

New Sheep Farmer

Hello, Can you tell me if there are any incentives, grants, or educational opportunities for someone with a new flock of sheep. I am planning on selling a hundred plus lambs in the meat market in the near future. I've been told there are programs to help with knowledge and expenses that I can apply for. Can you help me with that information. Thank you Stephanie



Livingston County Kentucky almost 4 years ago


which rootstocks are best for: Apples Pears for semi dwarf and where have you found as the best place to obtain them? thanks, Last Penny Farm Jon Pittman Smithland, Ky. 42081


Livingston County Kentucky about 5 years ago

Pond vegetation problems

I have a 2 3/4 acre pond about 18 years old. In the last 8 to 10 years, some really thick weeds or rush have started growing on the perimeter and now completely circle the bank. In the last 5 to 7 years lilies of some sort have started to take over, again starting on the bank and moving out. I have someone with a track hoe cleaning what they can reach, but there is going to be some of the weeds and lilies that cannot be dug out. Would grass carp be a good solution to further clean up and keep the vegetation from coming back? I have ask that he give me a some depth at the bank and remove some of the silt, which I am afraid is part of the problem. Any other recommendations? Thank you, Mike


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Livingston County Kentucky about 3 years ago

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