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I recently pressure canned several jars of vegetable beef soup and chicken soup( no noodles). All my jars sealed. About three weeks later I learned that I used 5 pounds of pressure when I should have done 10 lb of pressure. Is there any way to salvage my soup? Is it possible to reprocess them in the canner again using the correct weight? I processed them for 90 minutes the first time. By the way I live in the Highland area of Lincoln County. Is 10 lb of pressure correct? Thank you for your help and advice.


Lincoln County Kentucky 21 days ago

Bee Keeping

Does lincoln county have a bee club program etc.


Lincoln County Kentucky almost 3 years ago


Can you tell me what this plant is came in one of my pots husband bought.


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Lincoln County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Grant monies for equipment and livestock

I have 24 acres of pasture land leased indefinitely I was wondering if there was any way to get grant money to buy equipment and livestock so I could farm it for income is this possible?


Lincoln County Kentucky about 5 years ago

Bee Keeping

Where does one learn bee keeping and how to get started?


Lincoln County Kentucky about 5 years ago

Crop Rotation with corn

We currently grow corn in a small bottom. We utilize it more as barrier to keep poachers from shooting deer from the highway. It has been grown in the bottom for 3 years now. We need to rotate something else in its place for a year or two. What crops would be suitable that will grow to a height of 6 ft or more and hold its height throughout most of the winter months?


Lincoln County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Wild Cherries

Are wild cherries edible?


Lincoln County Kentucky about 6 years ago

Pine beetle?

After cutting down a dead pine tree in my backyard, I was surprised to find insect tunnels in the wood. As I have several pine trees on my property, are there any recommendations on spotting insect activity, treatment, etc. for pine trees?


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Lincoln County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

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