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Would love help with weed (?) ID

Just moved to a new house and am having fun trying to ID all the plants in the yard. This one is stumping me.

Live in Northern KY, USA.
Stem is hairy and feels triangular. It grows horizontally in a basal pattern.
Leaves are compound and alternate.
Flowers are tiny and have just started opening.
Hopefully the pictures show enough detail.

Thanks in advance!


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Kenton County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Weeping Cherry disease

My ornamenal weeping cherry is about 3 years old. It have done fairly well and bloomed this year but has not truly fluorished. Recently branches are dying. Mostly the upper branches. The leaves and trunk look fairly good other than some insects eating some leaves. Any hope!


Tree_disease_v_1_300x300%2523 Tree_disease_v_2_300x300%2523 Tree_disease_v_3_300x300%2523

Kenton County Kentucky 5 months ago


best time to plant, how deep, how far apart, point up or down


Kenton County Kentucky over 5 years ago

Lawn fungus

In my lawn there is an arc shaped stripe that is brown. In the past a giant white ball shaped mushroom appeared over night at the end of this stripe. This year a giant black one appeared. Is this a lawn fungus that needs to be treated? The attached picture shows a much smaller chunk of the original black mushroom. Thank you.


Img_20200918_112555440_300x300%2523 Img_20200918_112604104_300x300%2523 Img_20200918_112615584_300x300%2523

Kenton County Kentucky 9 days ago

English Ivy invasion

Hi! I purchased a house two years ago where the owner had planted English Ivy. I tried to keep it cut back, but I am losing the battle. Now it is trying to grow under the siding of my house. My research shows no weed killers will knock it out because it has waxy leaves that the weed killer cannot penetrate. Please help!!!!


Kenton County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Browning yews

My 35 yr old yews suddenly started turning brown at the top where there was new growth and suddenly the whole yew turned brown almost overnight. We've had unusually wet spring and summer but the other yews opposite seem fine


Kenton County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Juniper question

Could you help me understand what could be wrong with my juniper trees? They seem to be turning brown from the right side to the left of the row of trees. I'm not sure if this is normal or if it could be a bug or disease? They have been getting plenty of water. They we're planted approximately five to six years ago.


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Kenton County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Feeding deer in winter

What, if anything, should deer be fed to supplement their diet in winter? What do deer eat in winter?


Kenton County Kentucky 12 months ago

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