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Tomato pest

I have a problem with these worms eating my fruit. Can you identify it and suggest how to get rid of them? Thanks Ric


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Johnson County Kentucky 11 months ago

I'm trying to identify two plants in my landscape

I planted several perinnials in my landscape this year from seeds and bulbs. Only about 20% came up but now I have two plants that i cannot identify. I planted lilies, irises, bleeding heart bush, red hyacinth flowers and foxglove. And I cant upload photos from this page but I did upload them on the homepage.


Johnson County Kentucky almost 5 years ago


How can I get rid of rats in the attic and unfinished basement?


Johnson County Kentucky 5 months ago

Flower identification

Can you identify this seedling? It should be a garden flower.


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Johnson County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

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