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soil test

How much soil do I need for a soil test sample.? How long does it take to get results of soil test?


Jessamine County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Survival under black walnut

Can I plant my dwarf red buckeye near my black walnut tree?


Jessamine County Kentucky about 3 years ago

What are these caterpillars dropping from my tree?

There are small caterpillars (less than 1 inch) that are dropping from single webs from my shademaster honeylocust to my back yard. They leave webs all over the place and make small cocoons on everything (hundreds of cocoons). Much of my honeylocust leaves are dying. I had this problem in the past, but this year is much worse. How can I control these insects and when is the best time to spray for them to prevent this from happening next year. See Pictures Thanks for you help! John


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Jessamine County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

planting under pin oak

we have a mature pin oak. the ground under it is totally dirt. i do not want a ground cover. i was thinking small sitting area , stone border around it with plants ..not sure. what would be your suggestion to landscape under this beautiful tree. it stands behind my flower garden so color is not necessary. but i think texture would be good. i want to know the hardiest and easiest plants that might work.


Jessamine County Kentucky almost 2 years ago

jelly roll rug class

is there an jelly roll rug class in the near future at your Extension Office. thanks Aliene Miracle


Jessamine County Kentucky 9 months ago

Bag worms

When do we spray for bag worms and who do we call? Robert and Peggy Padgett Nicholasville KY


Jessamine County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Pin Oak

What are the brown clumpy bumps on the branches of my pin oak tree?


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Jessamine County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Soil Test

How do you test your soil prior to planting a garden? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Jessamine County Kentucky about 3 years ago

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