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Lily bulbs

Will the Lily bulbs I bought at Amazo Prime and mailed to my daughter in Rhode Island be healthy under her tree until Christmas? And how late can she plant them (in Rhode Island) so they will come up next season

Jefferson County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Blue spruce needle cast

What fungicide do you recommend for needle cast on blue spruce in the Jefferson County area? Is there a particular brand? Thank you, Lynn

Jefferson County Kentucky over 2 years ago

grass seed question

Need to over-seed my lawn. Have lots of dead spots now where crabgrass grows and I would love to get rid of the crab grass. Have tried pre-emergents and still had the crabgrass. Thought this year i would try seeding again. For a long time, have had interest in buffalo grass. Like the idea of slow growth and drought resistance. Would like to know if buffalo grass is a good idea or if there is other grass i should try to crowd out crabgrass and have slow growth and need little water? I saw a Pennington grass mix, like Smart Fescue, that might be a choice. And can I get away with broadcasting the seed or do I need a power seeder or that sort of machine to do it? Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Preferred Trees

I have a large front yard on the corner. I just removed a dying 80 ft.oak tree. I would like to replace the tree but, am uncertain which to try. I receive full sun and would love a fast growing shade tree. There are no utility lines close to my home. I am considering a Cleveland pear, but, am hearing troubling results of leaf rot, etc. Would a nice serviceberry do? Please advise.

Jefferson County Kentucky over 1 year ago

pork loin in crockpot with power outage

I put a refrigerated pork loin in the crockpot at 5:50 am to cook for 6 hours on low - there was a power outage at approximately 11:30 am and the power was not restored until around 1:30. My daughter turned the crockpot back on low for another hour and then it will turn to warm. Is it safe to eat?


Jefferson County Kentucky 12 months ago

Please identify this cool plant!

Hi County Extension Office!
I have this awesome groundcover type plant and would love to learn more about it. It's pretty low-lying and seems to spread nicely. Right now it don't look too happy but it had started to come back recently-but-now it's in hiding since it has gotten so cold.
Please let me know:

1. If I cover it with plastic if it could save it?
2. Should I fertilize it?
3. Bring it inside?
4. Might it prefer sun or shade or no preference?
Thank you & Happy 'Spring!"



Jefferson County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Dry corn processing to remove pericarp

Are there techniques available to remove the pericarp from the corn kernel without significantly breaking the corn? Alternatively, are there methods to remove the corn pericarp and the adjacent layer by dry milling?


Jefferson County Kentucky over 6 years ago

No Peaches on Tree

I have a peach tree that is 3 years old, massive, healthy-but still no fruit. I bought it in a pot & it had about 5 peaches on it when I bought it. None since planting. Why? I may have planted it too deep (my guess). Can I do anything to get it to fruit, or should I cut it down?


Jefferson County Kentucky about 1 year ago

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