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4-H Advisor

How do I become a 4-H advisor?


Hopkins County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Is it a Japanese Cherry or what?

We've had a tree for 3 yrs now, gifted by a friend of my husband who has no idea what it is. But low and behold it bloomed baby pink blossoms this year. First time ever. Usually its just burgundy leafs. Can anyone identify it?


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Hopkins County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Flower identification

I took this photo 2/10/17 in Western KY. I've never seen anything like it. The leaves look like pine needles. It stood out because nothing else here has bloomed yet; the jonquils are only a few inches tall. Thanks for your help.



Hopkins County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Soybean stress balls

I am trying to get soybean stress balls donated to my school for Love Your Heart day. I need about 25. Who would I talk to about this?


Hopkins County Kentucky over 3 years ago


I would like to know who to contact for info on the EQIP program for Hopkins county.


Hopkins County Kentucky over 3 years ago


Is there still a "Get Moving Kentucky" program? Trying to encourage women to walk to improve health and would like for them to rack their steps. thanks, gail eveland gigieveland@gmail.com


Hopkins County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Sassafras are dying

All the young sassafras’s are dying here on the estate around 40 acres mostly woods and now cannot find any young ones, I drove around about a five mile area and no sassafras, their common around here, what has happened to them, the young That was here has dyed


Hopkins County Kentucky over 1 year ago

organic insecticides

are organic insecticides in the garden such as spinosid or even "safer SOAP" safe for bees? Is there a resource available to review all the organic pesticides for safety?


Hopkins County Kentucky about 7 years ago

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