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Bagworms on shrubbery

I recently noticed that small bagworms (I assume these are bagworms) are all over a shrub at my home, I have never dealt with bagworms before and need advice as to how to get rid of them and hopefully save my shrubbery. Please advise as to what to do. I have attached a couple images so you can identify the type shrub and to confirm these are bagworms. Thank you in advance for your assistance, I greatly appreciate it! Sincerely, Bobbi Jo Simon-Frazier


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Henry County Kentucky about 1 year ago


For the past two weeks 4 coyote pups and the mother have been in my yard several times per day and at night (trailcam over 70 pics a day). I believe they may be living in the back of my property. They come as close as 200ft to my home. I have two Golden Retrievers who have full reign to my property. Should I be concerned. Is there an organization that relocates coyotes??? I prefer that they are not be harmed but also concerned for safety. Just wanted some feedback thanks


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Henry County Kentucky about 4 years ago

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