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Honeybee swarm

we have a swarm of honeybees that have taken up residence in a lilac bush in our backyard. We called a few people to remove the bees and after speaking with someone from Madisonville and being told that he is too far away to come, we wondered if there is a local contact. According to the Kentucky beekeeper's website, swarms only stay around from a few hours to a few days, so i guess time will take care of the problem, but we would like to have them gone if possible.


Henderson County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Help My Oak Trees

I have 3 very large oak trees in my back yard. One of them has developed these round balls attached to the limbs and they are all over it. The tree is losing a lot of limbs in windy conditions. It appears to be dying. Today I noticed the Oak tree adjacent to it is beginning to develop small balls just like the larger ones on the other one. I have a third Oak but it is not showing any signs yet and if the furthest from the worst one. Any input on this problem? Thanks in Advance.


Henderson County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Aster yellow?

I think half of my coneflowers may have aster yellow or maybe a mite. I don't know how to truly tell the difference but I know they looked bad this season. What can I do? Do I have to pull up the infected plants?


Henderson County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

identifying a rodent pest outside in yard

we have discovered small smooth paths leading out from flower beds next to house branching out into yard. what can it be and how to get rid of it?


Henderson County Kentucky about 4 years ago


I am interested in a copy of your activities and classes that you have planned for school aged children


Henderson County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

Silver Maple Tree Root Removal

We are in the process of cutting down a huge silver maple tree because the roots are growing under and lifting the HVAC unit and the pole barn floor. How can we remove the roots from under the concrete floor. If we cut the roots outside the barn will the roots under the barn rot away?


Henderson County Kentucky 6 months ago

I have a few tomato plants, 2 out of the 5, in my small garden I've noticed...

I have a few tomato plants, 2 out of the 5, in my small garden I've noticed are beginning to have some discoloration and small brown spots. It started at the lower leaves and some have started to do the same higher now. I've trimmed some of the discolored lower leaves/stems off but there are some new and I was wondering if its early blight which I'm thinking it is. I'll enclose a few pics to help identification so I know what steps to rid the issue and what fungicide. Other than that, the plants appear healthy. Good color, growth, and many tomatoes and blooms.... Thanks in advance, Zack.



Henderson County Kentucky about 7 years ago

African Violets

What is the best herbicide to kill wild african violets in the lawn


Henderson County Kentucky about 3 years ago

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