Hart County, Kentucky

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Sourwood blights

One of my sourwood trees had all of its leaves turn black then fall off. I thought it was dead; however, there is new growth coming from the bottom of the trunk with healthy looking leaves. Should I cut the trunk back to just above the new growth?


Hart County Kentucky over 3 years ago

peach trees

Could you tell me why my peaches fall off every year about this time? My trees are loaded but they never stay on to ripen. I spray with dormant oil in Feb but maybe I am doing things all wrong. Appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks


Hart County Kentucky over 4 years ago


i was diagnosed with alpha-gal allergy about a week ago i have been doing alot of research on the web i have been able to get all kinds of information on alpha-gal containing about ticks and red meat the problem i keep running into is i cant seem to get any info about the foods i should avoid and the foods i can eat i have been on my computer for three days n nights looking on every web site i can go on i asked my doctor about the food deal she only told me no cow,pig,or goat, and no gelatin can you please help me with a list of foods to eat and not to eat its seems like every time i try to eat something i start to break out in a few hours thank you for your time cant wait to here from you


Hart County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Dry lots

I was recently given two foundered Mini's. I have 17 acres with a four sided shelter in the field near my barn with small stalls. I want to create a dry lot attached to the field shelter for dusk to dawn turning them out with grazing muzzles so they can roam. What type of fencing is recommended know if they will not break wood since one is 250 lbs (who moves extremely slow-20 y/o) and the other about 200 lbs.


Hart County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

blackberry fruit problem

My thornless erect blackberry variety, either Apache or arapaho, I think, won't riipen its fruits all black. Many of their little fruit balls are essentially colorless. Our other varieties seldom have this problem


Hart County Kentucky about 5 years ago


What kind of plant is this? It grows wild in my backyard & comes back every year!!


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Hart County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Native plants

We just moved to Munfordville, and would like to do a natural landscape. We are think of a ground cover instead of grass. How can I find a list of plants for this area. Thank you Ken


Hart County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Well water testing

There is an old well on my property in Hart County. Before I start using it, I'd like to test it to make sure it's not contaminated. What is the best way to get my well water tested? Thanks for your help.


Hart County Kentucky 9 days ago

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