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Fall Garden

When is the best time to plant mustered and kale in Harlan Co. in the fall?


Harlan County Kentucky about 5 years ago


Bought this stone, it was found on a beach, has anyone seen anything like this? Thank you


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Harlan County Kentucky about 3 years ago

White pigeons or doves in my barn

I have lived in Harlan County most of my life. I have never seen pigeons on my property until a week ago. At first a white and blue gray pigeon was inside the barn. Now there are four solid white pigeons or doves and two grayish blue pigeons roosting in the barn. I bought a plastic owl and plastic hawk fro Tractor Supply to scare them off..,.but it didn't work. They seem harmless, but I have heard they carry disease. What should I do?


Harlan County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Coal mines

I work in coal mines for many years I came across many fern fossils tree fossils many more I came across this it is really fasinating never seen before got any ideals



Harlan County Kentucky over 6 years ago

insect invasion

how can you get rid of insects that we are being invaded by. spraying with mixture of dawn dish liquid and water. will kill the ones that it contacts. but they keep coming until it cools off or the sun goes down. insects are approx. half inch brown and underside of wings are red.


Harlan County Kentucky 11 months ago

Lady bugs

We have been over-run with brown bugs similar to lady bugs. For a while they stayed in sunny windows but are finding their way to other rooms in our house. So far, we’ve been vacuuming, but want a more permanent but non-toxic answer. Help !!


Harlan County Kentucky 8 months ago

Cellar spider

A cellar spider crawled up on my bed and came at me for no reason I can understand. Can you explain why a spider would do that I'm actually shaking as I write this.


Harlan County Kentucky 3 months ago

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