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retail homemade food laws

We would like to make our family Polish sausage to retail at Farmers Markets. What are the legal food requirements for selling at Farmers Markets? Do you know of any pork processors who will process our pork into sausage? At this point we may have to mix the ingredients ourselves and stuff the casings at home if possible since I am reluctant to give up our recipe at this time. If necessary, we can sell it in packages and not links, but we would still want to mix the ingredients into the pork. Thank you for your service. Betty Yoder


Green County Kentucky about 3 years ago


Our family recently acquired a farm in Kentucky and I have an interest in starting a small beef cattle operation. However, the property has old barns and fencing that I'd like to fix up before I begin. What tips or advice would you offer a beginner? Are there any grants available to me as a landowner to fix up my property or purchase cattle? Thanks in advance, Christopher.


Green County Kentucky about 5 years ago

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