Grayson County, Kentucky

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Grayson County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

What is this

My wife's late mom had this and said it was very valuable. We have know idea


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Grayson County Kentucky 6 months ago


Our residence in Grayson Co is infested with voles. They are tunneling under all our sidewalks, they are cracking. They are eating the root systems of all our landscaping, all our expensive shrubs, bushes, and flowers are dying. I have talked with 6 other people in the county that knew their plant life around their house had been dying and didn't know why. Voles......our place alone has at least 4 colonies. So we have 100's, we need lots of poison. Can you help????


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Grayson County Kentucky almost 2 years ago

Are my oaks dead or dying

I have 2 oak trees in my yard and I am concerned they might be dead. Both had leaves develop last spring which quickly turned brown. They never fell off during the fall or winter. I installed a septic system close by about 4 ago. I wonder if I may have damaged them. I'm near the Nolin lake area. Thank you.


Grayson County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Identifying a rock

We had a house built and while the builders were digging a trench for septic they hit a rock with their back hoe. They had to chisel thru the rock, it seemed that would break apart with the chisel. I have some pieces and would like to know where I can take a few pieces to be identified. Thank you


Grayson County Kentucky over 3 years ago


How do I get rid of bedbugs please help!


Grayson County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Pond Construction

Hi, I have a 38 acre farm in Grayson County near Caneyville and I want to build a pond for wildlife. There is an area that holds water in the wetter months that seems like a good location for one. I think the soil is a bit silty/fine sand so it may need a clay liner. Where do I start? Are there contractors that specialize in pond construction? Where would I get clay to line the pond (if needed), and what type of clay should I use? Is there any financial assistance available or tax benefit? Anything else I should know? Thank you in advance for any advise/help/assistance you can provide. Thank you - Vance


Grayson County Kentucky 5 months ago

Shares of stock!

I would like to know we have found we stumbled upon and old share of common stock that was dated in 1951 August 18th 1951 from Grayson County 4-H club Association in Kentucky one share how much is it worth now if anything?


Grayson County Kentucky 7 months ago

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