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Land Slippage

My parents live on a hill on Lake Williamstown in Williamstown, KY. On March 10, 2018 they noticed that their land on the hill is literally slipping away or sinking. I have attached a picture for reference. We have no idea what this is or who to contact to ask for help. We would be grateful for any help you can give us with this . Jeanie Baker



Grant County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Record keeping

What is a good record keeping software for cattle, hay, and pasture management?


Grant County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Milkweed source

I'm a Grant County resident, and I'm looking for a local source for milkweed seed balls, etc. I want to expand my backyard butterfly garden. Thanks! Betty Brockhoff


Grant County Kentucky about 1 year ago

A large caltapa tree with thinning lighter colored leaves

My Caltapa tree is stressed. Over the last 2 years the canopy has gotten very sparse and the leaves have lightened. The tree is about 40' tall. What can I do to help? Tree on the right use to look like the tree on the left.


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Grant County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Dry Ridge Homemakers

How could I get some information on being a part of the Dry Ridge Homemakers Group? I am 57 and live in Dry Ridge. Karla Wooten


Grant County Kentucky 6 months ago

Nectarine Tree

Hi I live in Pendleton County, and was wondering if we can grow nectarine tree's here...What type of fruit trees can we grow here in Pendleton County? Thanks, Becky Phipps


Grant County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Filing for Farm exempt status

I recently moved into Grant County. I purchased a 56 acre horse farm but don't have horses. Am I able to still file for farm exempt status for tax purposes and what are the qualifications for the property to do so? If so, how do I go about filing for farm exemption?


Grant County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Barley Brewers waste as feed

I have access to brewers' grain that had been used for beer making. 6 row & 2 row barley are the primary grains used to make the beer. What would be the nutrition value for this in a beef ration? Are there recommendations for this as a feed? Would this affect flavor in finishing a beef animal?


Grant County Kentucky about 2 years ago

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