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Issue with tomato plants

Good morning and for you tomato experts out there I need to know what’s going on with my tomato plants. The photos are of some of the tomato plants. The leaves on them are looking weird, almost like they’ve been stripped off down to the spine. There are no blooms or anything on them. I suspected hornworms, but we have looked for almost an hour at the almost 60 plants and don't see any worms or insects on them at all. What is wrong with them? There are tomato plants in 4 of our 8 garden boxes and 3 of the boxes have tomatoes affected like this (around 10 plants total - five are grouped together in one box and 1-3 in each of the other boxes). I have looked during the day and at night for hornworms and don't see a single one. Of note, the plants with the issues don't have any blossoms. And a few of the other plants have blackened blossoms. Is that from low calcium, watering issue or what? I appreciate any advice and assistance. Back to the first issue, I have not put any manure on the garden and I did treat the mulch that is on the ground AROUND the boxes with some grass and weed killer two months ago, but have used nothing since. Even then, I held the spray nozzle within an inch of the mulch to make sure that it didn't get on the plants that had just been planted. The issue with the leaves and ends of the stems looking strange and missing has occurred in the last three or four days.


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Fleming County Kentucky 2 months ago

Pine tree problem

We several small (2-3 ft. tall) pine trees that are developing brown tips on the end of their needles. One tree has a couple of completely brown limbs. What can we do to save these trees?


Fleming County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Bed bug or book louse?! Help!

I found this little bugger and I’m worried it is a bed bug nymph, but I’m hoping it is a book louse! I found it crawling on my baby’s stroller, shortly after I had put him in it. We were outside when I found it but the stroller had been stored inside my home and I had just brought it outside and placed him in it. I can not stand the thought I could possibly have bed bugs so please HELP!



Fleming County Kentucky 3 months ago


I have roll bales for sale. I was told that the Coop may help match me with a buyer. Is this true?


Fleming County Kentucky over 3 years ago

New farm and horse owners

We have some horse experience but are running into challenges. The field was unkept for several months and the horses' manes and the sheep's wool is chocked full of burrs. I have read info about ridding the field of burrs over a couple yrs time. Is there any way to schedule an appointment with an extension agent for some seriously needed advice. We are buying the property from a family member who was more financially secure than us, but he got cancer and left the property unmaintained. So, I am learning a lot all at once. Any help is appreciated.


Fleming County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

What kind of goat is that?

midway down the page is a picture if a red goat with the caption "The Doe". What kind of goat is she?



Fleming County Kentucky over 4 years ago

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