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composting leaves from trees

This is not a question it is a comment. Since humus in forests is based on composted leaves I find it abit shortsighted to advise people not to compost leaves based on an unknowable future spring weather. Your entire approach is full of contradictions and counter productive advice, which is of course endemic to a university based (ie corporate funded) concept of agriculture.

Fayette County Kentucky over 5 years ago

Chiggers and mosquitoes

Hi we live on 1760 Wyatt Parkway backing up to Johnson Heights Park. This back is frequently filled with water and hence breeding ground for mosquitoes. I have researched on the internet and have been cutting back all the wild honey suckle in our yard to increase air circulation. I have called the Health Dept as have our neighbors. We do not know what they are planning to do and I will make a follow up phone call. My question to you is do you recommend diatomeceous earth or sulphur to spread in the yard to fend off the chiggers? I was leaning toward the sulphur in pellet form, but do not know where to purchase. Please advise. I have another friend who wants to know if either of these methods would kill lightening bugs as she does not want to harm them and if safe for pets. Thank you very much for your time. Regards Michele McBrayer


Fayette County Kentucky about 2 years ago

Wild Violet with White Leaves

Have you ever seen a wild violet with white leaves? Not white flowers, but leaves. I have one growing in my yard and I've never seen one before. I'm wondering how rare it is since I can't even find information about it online. Thanks.



Fayette County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Plant identification

I have a plant that makes up around half of the ground cover or "grass" in my yard. I love the way it makes the lawn look and I would like to make sure I am taking proper care of it but I have no idea what it is. I have a attached a couple pictures in hopes of having it identified so that I can continue research on it.


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Fayette County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Plant grass now?

Can we plant grass seed or lay down sod now? We are building a new home


Fayette County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Scat identification

Found this scat on the street in front of my house - would like help to identify the animal - thx


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Fayette County Kentucky 19 days ago

Identifying grapes

Hi :) We just bought a small farm in Fayette Co. and it has a tiny vineyard. I am anxious to revive it and help it flourish and maybe try my hand at winemaking. I would love to learn what type of grapes I have and identify some local resources to learn how to care for grapes. Thanks for whatever help you can offer! :) Kim


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Fayette County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Permethrin and chickens

I have 5 backyard chickens living in an enclosed run area (no free range ing) who are fed healthy table scraps along with their store bought layer feed pellets and crumbles from a large bowl. Lots of the food gets scattered outside of the bowl and falls in the dirt when they eat. There are lots of some kind of larve (maggot?) that live in the area around and under the food area. The chickens will not eat these creatures. The larve look more like elongated skinny armadilloes than the wormy, white short larve I have seen. How can I get rid of these creatures. (When the food dish is moved they are all on top of the moister area that the container has left. The larvae immediately start burrowing out of the light into the soil below.) I have tried sprinkling DE on them and this has not killed them. I've poured boiling water over the area and this has not killed them. I need to find a way of killing them that will not harm the chickens. I understand that permethrin kills maggots. I have some Permethrin Cream, 5% left over from a scabies treatment and wonder if there is any way I can mix it and dilute it to kill the creatures. But I don't want the chickens to die in the process by eating what I put down in their food area. What can I do to get rid of these ??? that will not hurt the chickens? And might these ??? be harmful to the chickens? Thank you for any help you can suggest.


Fayette County Kentucky 6 days ago

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