Daviess County, Kentucky

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White pines with disease on trunks and large branches

We have 8 white pines, 25 years old, in our front yard. They have a white substance on the trunks. One tree "expert" says it is scale. How can we know for sure and how can we treat safely and economically? They have 50" circum. at chest ht.


Daviess County Kentucky over 5 years ago

holes in walnut tree

Noticed these last night. What do I need to do?


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Daviess County Kentucky over 5 years ago

Identification of invasive weed/grass/plant

Hello, Can you identify what this weed/grass/plant is as shown in the attached photo, and what I can spray it with to kill it without harming the grass? It started in my lawn in the spring of last year and it's worse again this spring. Thanks, Larry Payne



Daviess County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Emerald ash borer protection

Are you aware of anyone in Daviess Co who could treat my ash trees to prevent Emerald ash Borer infestation?


Daviess County Kentucky about 4 years ago

what vegetables to grow in 6b our area?

Is there a list of what to plant in this area for vegetables, berries, and fruit trees.


Daviess County Kentucky 7 months ago

hollowed out spots on truck

hollowed out spot on truck of tree about 1" deep an rough scale in another spot on
tree. Tree is only about 4 years old.


Daviess County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Red bugs

Found the attached red bugs in our milkweed garden. Invasive species? Gather in cluster.



Daviess County Kentucky about 1 year ago

Identification of this plant

What is this plant in the picture?



Daviess County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

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