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2, 4, D amine and honey

We are planning to get honey bees and keep them in an area adjacent to our hay field. We treat our pastures with 2, 4, D amine for weeds. Will the honey be okay to consume?


Cumberland County Kentucky about 3 years ago

What kind of insect?

Found this in my light fixture. Is it an albino because it has red eyes? Does it have nostrils?


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Cumberland County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Weed Control

I have a small farm in southern Cumberland county. Most of our fields are in hay but we plant about 7 acres twice per year for wildlife plots. This year we put in forage soybeans in mid May. Prior to planting we sprayed the fields with glyphosate and again with Prowl after planting. The beans came up nicely but by the end of july were overtaken by johnson grass, ragweed and other stuff. HELP! what can I do to get a handle on this weed problem. I see commercial farms a couple of miles down the road with beautiful weed free stands of beans.


Cumberland County Kentucky about 2 years ago

Will johnsongrass be bad for my horses?

I am relocating from Ohio to a farm in Cumberland County, Kentucky, with four horses. I just found out there is johnsongrass growing freely on the land I was going to pasture them on and bale hay on. From what I am finding, it can kill my horses. Is this true? Do I need to kill it off before I ever pasture them? And what if it gets baled with the hay?


Cumberland County Kentucky about 5 years ago

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