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identify tree

I have two trees that came up voluntarily in a pile of brush...from the bark, etc.they appear to be Black Cherry but have SMALL PINK blooms instead of white.... Can you help me in identify them, please? Thank You...Phyllis Ryan


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Crittenden County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Stinky well

Recently purchased farm in Crittenden co. The water smells so bad. We only use it for watering the lawn. Can you tell me where to get this water tested? I am concerned this water could be bad. Thank You Linda Green


Crittenden County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Saving a tree

Do you have someone who can check a tree to see if it can be saved?


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Crittenden County Kentucky about 1 month ago

ridding stickers in lawn

My lawn has developed masses of stickers this year..I've not had them before... They are very thick where water has run off the roof, places where water stands also have a shallow root system.. How do I get rid of them?...I have pulled many out by the root but there are just too many for such an undertaking..


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Crittenden County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

"stickers" followup..

Taller version of previous stickers..



Crittenden County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

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