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Hatching an egg

So, today I decided to open up the eggs inside of the incubator because the eggs were around 10 days late. But when I was opening the first one it was only half grown and it was still ALIVE! I was devastated because I had killed it. The thing is, I'm not sure why it was alive if it had been in there around 30 days! Plus it was only half grown


Clay County Kentucky 4 months ago

Filly has large belly

So i got this new filly, she was UTD on all shots and wormer, but I noticed when I got her that she had a pot belly. I've had her for three months now, ( she 1 year and 9 months) and I have given her Ivermetic and then gave her a 5 day session of Panacure, as I was concerned it was worms, it changed nothing . She has always been kinda ribby, despite eating as much as my 16 hand, 12 hundred pound quarter horse. She grows about an inch every month. She has a high protein diet with plenty of hay and grain and seems to grow as normal. But I trained her mother a few years ago, who despite also being UTD on everything also had a little bit of a pot belly, could it just be the way she is built?
I have the vet scheduled to come out in 3 days, but I was wondering what others thought. I've heard everything from its normal for them to get a pot belly to dangerous parasites. So i was hoping to get some clarification. The first picture is of her recently and the next one is when i first got her.


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Clay County Kentucky about 4 years ago


Can my pothos live better in water or soil


Clay County Kentucky 6 days ago

Did I kill my grapevine

I pruned it way back to just a stump, three branches but no growth


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Clay County Kentucky 6 months ago

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