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Master Food Preserver

I am looking for a local Master Food Preserver program. Is there one available in the Christian County area?

Christian County Kentucky over 5 years ago

Holes in Bradford Pear trees

We have several Bradford Pear trees that have lines of holes in the truck. Several lines that are almost a straight line. Each line is about 2-3 inches apart and each hole is about 1/8" deep. Is this a bug or bird and is there a permanent fix?



Christian County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Fruit and nut trees

When and what to spray trees with


Christian County Kentucky over 4 years ago


I have a bee hive full of bee's in the radiator of my car,don't guiet know what to do. Any suggestions on this matter? Need help..


Christian County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

Trees dying?

I am wondering if you have any one that could answer a few questions about my trees? I have at least one that appears to be dying and I am afraid that whatever ishe causing it to die, will spread. Please contact me at 270-454-0255. My name is Robin Ohlinger. Thank you.


Christian County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Corn flies

Is there anyway to get rid of corn flies before the corn is harvested? They are so worriesome around the house and porch. Would a fly trap or bug zapper help ?



Christian County Kentucky 12 months ago

pruning a multi fig tree root system

I have 2 figs that have about 12 stalks on 1 root ball. Should I cut them all down but 1 or can I let 3 or 4 of the larger ones grow? the larger ones are 5 - 6 feet tall and about 1/2 inch in diameter. this I plan to top them this early spring before the sap rises.


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Christian County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Master gardener classes

I live in clarksville, tn but I work at the Oak Grove Gaming Center as a Sous Chef in Christian County, Ky. Would be able to take a master gardener class in Kentucky? Thank you, Richard Yates


Christian County Kentucky 4 days ago

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